Major site update

Below is a list of the changes. Later posts will give more detailed explanations of the new features.

Help document:

  • Content updates
  • Layout fixes

Collection spreadsheet: New feature!

  • Mined manuscript descriptions to create spreadsheet
  • Tabular view with Google visualizations
  • Downloadable in CSV format for use with local spreadsheet applications

Illustration titles: New feature!

  • Tabular view of titles, average position, and frequency.
  • Data generated from image tagging

Extant manuscripts:

  • Moved to tabular Google visualization
  • Link to view in Google docs

Narrative sections: New feature!

  • Poem divided into sections. Each section has an id, a description, and a Lecoy range.
  • Tabular view of ids, titles, and Lecoy range
  • Click on section id to search for folios containing that section

Narrative mapping: New feature!

  • A manuscript is mapped by finding the start and end of each section in that manuscript.
  • The mapping may be done manually, which takes a long time, or automatically.
  • The automatic mapping takes as input a description of the book structure and guesses the column of the section start/end.
  • Only a few manuscripts are mapped so far.
  • The sections can be searched by title and id.
  • Section in the current page can be displayed to the right of the page turner.
  • Manual mapping includes a transcription of the first line of each section.

Character names: New feature!

  • List of characters in the poem


  • Lecoy number always displayed with leading L
  • Display date when site last updated
  • Navigation on left reworked
  • Rubrics that are transcribed when describing the book structure for automatic narrative mapping are searchable
  • Normalization of illustration titles in image tagging
  • Hit enter in text box to do advanced search
  • Additional and updated French translations
  • Guessing names of printed book folios works better.
  • Finer grained tracking of site usage with Google analytics.
  • Mention contactus email when internal error occurs
  • Summary book descriptions added
  • More manuscripts cropped for page turner
  • Google visualization api used for tabular views of site. Click on column title to sort (unless sort is disabled for that table)

Known issues:

  • Webkit (Safari, Chrome) layout problem with header being offset.
  • Tabular Google visualization sometimes has columns misaligned. Click on column title to fix.