Site update

  • Changed image tagging format to normalize character names and illustration titles. This greatly improved the illustration title and character name tables.
  • Reworked the data collection table to better utilize space.
  • Updated to latest gwt and gwt-visualization.
  • More image tagging.
  • Support for bibliographies in RefWorks XML format. See Douce 195, Douce 332, and Selden Supra 57.
  • Automatic linking of bibliography references to Google books when available.
  • Fixed search bug caused by huge query expansions (searching for responsiveness, or Sisyphus in Safari) by limiting expansions.
  • Fixed search bug caused by ” not being escaped
  • The contact email address working again after resolving email relay issue
  • Fixed naming of images in endmatter of Hunter 409.


We have put up 3 videos demonstrating how to search manuscript folios, illustrations, and text.

These screencasts were made by our student assistant, Taylor Breslin.

Finding a folio

Finding an illustration or illustration keyword

Finding a line or section of verse

Available editions

Parts of several editions of the poem are freely available in Google books. There is vol. 1 of Méon’s 1819 edition; vol. 1 of Michel’s 1864 edition; vol. 3 of the edition of Langlois from 1921 as well as his Origines et sources du Roman de la Rose; vol. 3 of Dufresnoy and Damerey’s 1799 edition; and vol. 5 of the 1880 edition of Croissandeau. There is also a transcription of Hunter 409 in Max Kaluza’s 1891 publication. And finally, Francis William Bourdillon’s book on The early editions of the Roman de la Rose is available in full.