Site update

There have been a number of changes behind the scenes, but users familiar with the site should notice only small tweaks and refinements. The book browser has a draggable separator.  Displays of tabular data have a new look.

If anything seems out of place or does not work, try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the site. Let the team know at if the problem continues. Other feedback is welcome at the above email address or as comments on this post.

Metadata updates:

  • Correction to UC1380 102v image description.
  • Updates to instrument names in image descriptions of Arras 897 and Douce 332
  • Correctly attribute ms to Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon

Image tagging added

Image tagging has been added for  fr. 9345, Arsenal 5210, Arsenal 5209,  AlbiRochegude 103, Amiens 437, Arras 897,  Dijon526,  Assemblée Nationale 1230, Chalon-sur-Saone33, Chalons-en-Champagne270, fr. 1569,  and Arras 845.

Five more manuscripts available

New content
  • From the BnF: fr. 1563, fr. 1574, fr. 22551, NAF 5094, NAF 20001
  • Reduced tagging for fr. 1560. (This allows an algorithm to guess the narrative sections.)
Note that you may need to clear your browser cache and reload the site to see the new content.
Issues fixed
  • Marne 3 repository corrected
  • Added new version of 91v and missing 104r of Ferrell courtesy of Beth Morrison at Getty.

Fullscreen image viewing

Both the page turner and the image browser can now be made fullscreen. To do so click on the arrow pointing diagonally in the bottom toolbar. Also when the page turner or image browser are popped up in another window, they will resize when the window is resized.
Enabling these potentially large image displays may have some performance implications. Please comment below or send email if you experience any problems using these new features.
Bug fixes:
  • Invalid argument complaint from Internet explorer when popping up image viewer.
  • Regression caused image browser not to go to current image when popped up.
  • Regression caused image browser goto box not to work or update on selection.
  • Thumbnail text in the image browser can now be seen more easily.

Site update

Problems fixed:

  • Fixed a longstanding webkit (Google Chrome and Safari) layout problem.
  • Fixed regression with “missing image” image not displaying in page turner.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to query parsing and expansion. Most notably boolean +- queries were not being parsed correctly and a regression with character name expansion was causing spurious matches.
Features added:
  • When viewing the illustration title table, click on a title to search for it.

Last site update of the year!

There are not many user visible changes, but the rose site has changed a great deal under the hood. The FSI image viewer has been updated to the latest release and our image server is now the new FSI server. The combination of the new image viewer and image server should be faster and more stable. Numerous other changes should make the rest of the site snappier too.

The one content addition is the Chevrier Rose. You may also notice that edge flipping and page dragging have been enabled in the page turner. Try dragging the corner of a page or simply click on the corner to see.

Bug fixes include:

  • Always create a new viewer popup when requested.
  • Race condition removed in the page tracking code.
  • Foliation of printed books fixed in description and viewer.

17 more manuscripts available!

  • Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal: ms. 6818, ms. 2989, ms. 2872, ms. 5209, ms. 3336, and ms. 6045
  • BnF: fr. 814, fr. 1568, fr. 798, fr. 1576, fr. 12592, fr. 19153, fr. 12596, fr. 19157, fr. 24390, fr. 19157, fr. 24388, fr. 25523, fr. 25526, fr. 2194, fr. 24392
  • More detailed image tagging and more manuscripts tagged
  • Better handling of paginated manuscripts.
  • Improved character name searching
  • Image tagging display update
  • Index terms used in tagging listed in illustration keyword glossary.
  • Full description of Selden Supra 57 from Tim Stinson
  • Background color change in content window.
  • All manuscript descriptions now include information about different texts.