Usage statistics (October 2008)

It’s been about one month since we launched the new Roman de la Rose Digital Library. We are planning to publicize the Digital Library through various mailing lists in a few days. Even without widespread publicity, we have noted the following usage statistics in the first month (we have filtered out our own use of the site):

  • 906 visits from 49 different countries or territories
  • The top five countries represented (in order): United States, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany
  • 640 absolute unique visitors
  • 30% of these visitors have returned to the site
  • 32 of these visitors have used the site 9-14 times
  • 22 of these visitors have used the site 15-25 times
  • 50 of these visits lasted between 10-30 minutes
  • 16 of these visits lasted over 30 minutes

We look forward to more visits over time.