Usage statistics (through March 2009)

Since the launch of the site on September 2008 through March 2009, the Rose team has noted the following usage statistics:

• 14,112 visits from 112 different countries or territories
• The top five countries represented (in order): United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain
• 11,205 absolute unique visitors
• 21% of these visitors have returned to the site
• 314 of these visitors have used the site 9-14 times
• 192 of these visitors have used the site 15-25 times
• 605 of these visits lasted between 10-30 minutes
• 82 of these visits lasted over 30 minutes

We experienced a spike in visits in late March after someone (not a member of the Rose team) registered the Rose Digital Library on StumbleUpon. Starting in April, we have refined the analytics to gather more fine grained statistics such as visits to individual folios or pages on the site. We will report on these new statistics as we gather them.