Site update

  • Display table with basic information above codicological description.
  • New “Extant manuscripts” page uses an embedded google spreadsheet to display a corpus of Rose manuscripts being produced by Prof. Timothy Stinson.
  • BnF fr. 12595 has a codicological description.

Site update

The site now includes a Rose manuscript from the 14th century known as Bodmer 79. These digital images of Bodmer 79 were taken from color slides. Also, along with other small updates, users are now able to read the illustration title and a brief description of each illustration to the right of images in the page turner. These searchable descriptions name the characters depicted, costumes and objects in the scene, and elements of landscape and architecture. To view them choose “illustration description” in the drop down menu above the image. This menu also gives you the option of seeing the images alone (“show”), images with a transcription when there is one (“transcription”), and images with a transcription giving line numbers from Félix Lecoy’s edition of the Rose (“transcription [Lecoy]”).

Usage statistics (December 2008)

Following the first three months of the Roman de la Rose Digital Library, we have noted the following usage statistics through November 30, 2008:

  • 4,299 visits from 83 different countries or territories
  • The top five countries represented (in order): United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Canada
  • 3,313 absolute unique visitors
  • 23% of these visitors have returned to the site
  • 95 of these visitors have used the site 9-14 times
  • 45 of these visitors have used the site 15-25 times
  • 215 of these visits lasted between 10-30 minutes
  • 26 of these visits lasted over 30 minutes

We have launched a survey of individuals who requested passwords for the previous Roman de la Rose website. The results of this survey will help us determine the best strategy for establishing the Roman de la Rose membership community that will help sustain the Digital Library.

If you wish to complete the survey, we have placed a link to the survey on the main page of the Roman de la Rose Digital Library.